CoinDesk: Friday January 22, 2021

Bitcoin Breaks Below $30K, Erasing Almost All of 2021s Gains

Bitcoin gains in 2021 dropped below 1% as strong selling continues.

Crowdfund Insider: Friday January 22, 2021

BitPay Says Fintechs Square and PayPal will Drive Bitcoin and other Cryptos to Become Globally Accepted Payment Method

BitPay says Fintechs Square and PayPal will drive Bitcoin and other cryptos to become globally accepted payment method.

CoinDesk: Friday January 22, 2021

Bitcoin Price Sees Largest Daily Loss in 10 Months

Bitcoin ended Thursday down 13% amid continued selling.

CoinDesk: Thursday January 21, 2021

Japan Rallies Behind XRP as Ripple Faces US Litigation

Japanese XRP users are worried about the US lawsuit against Ripple but they remain hopeful about the crypto's future in their home country. Thursday January 21, 2021

Leading Crypto Derivatives Exchange Set to Launch Bitcoin Cash Options

The derivatives exchange by Matrixport,, announced the launch of the first bitcoin cash perpetual swaps and options.

Bitcoin Magazine: Thursday January 21, 2021

Interview: How To Store Your Bitcoin

Shift Crypto's Douglas Bakkum joins the "Bitcoin Magazine Podcast" to discuss his inspiration, the BitBox02 and bitcoin cold storage.