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CoinDesk: Thursday October 18, 2018

How a Bitcoin Exchange Is Surviving a Central Bank Crackdown in India

Indian regulators' clampdown on crypto firms is forcing exchange Unocoin to experiment with ATMs and stablecoins to continue receiving fiat deposits. Thursday October 18, 2018

Former CFTC Chair Advocates Technology Neutral Cryptocurrency Regulations

The former chairman of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Gary Gensler, recently expressed his views pertaining to the regulation of the cryptocurrency markets...

CoinDesk: Thursday October 18, 2018

U.S. Marshals to Auction $4.3 Million in Bitcoin Next Month

The U.S. Marshals are set to auction off about 660 bitcoin forfeited in federal criminal, civil and administrative cases, worth about $4.3 million.

Business Insider - Tech: Thursday October 18, 2018

Facebook thinks the hackers that stole 29 million users' info were spammers not a nation state

Facebook believes that spammers, and not a...

Crowdfund Insider: Thursday October 18, 2018

Fintech Bridge: UK Sends Large Fintech Delegation to Australia for SIBOS, Intersekt

The UKDepartment for International Trade, along with the Prime Minister's Fintech Ambassador Al Lukies, are heading to Australia as part of the "GREAT Thursday October 18, 2018

African Cryptocurrency Exchanges Forced to Step up Security

exchanges in some of Africas biggest Bitcoin markets have been forced to rethink their security protocols to prevent issues of attacks by hackers,

Ongoing ICOs


Ends Saturday February 09, 2019

A 24-hour broadcasting platform designed to display interesting and relevant video content specific to a user's interests.


Ends Tuesday January 01, 2019

Sia is a new approach to cloud storage platforms. Sia is a decentralized network of data-centers that, taken together, comprise the world's fastest, cheapest, and most secure cloud storage platform.

Deliverers Power Token

Ends Saturday November 24, 2018

A decentralized delivery platform.


Ends Wednesday October 31, 2018

A CBD-backed cryptocurrency.


Ends Wednesday October 31, 2018

An identity and audit ledger for verification of autonomous AI agents.

Truth Data Cloud

Ends Thursday November 15, 2018

A data marketplace platform, allowing consumers control of their own data.