The Latest News Friday October 30, 2020

Central Banks Dump Gold for the First Time Since 2010, Precious Metal Drops 9% Since August High

Central banks have started selling gold for the first time since 2010 in order to ease the financial suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic.

CoinDesk: Friday October 30, 2020

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Tests $13.6K as DeFi Total Value Locked Dips Below $11B

Bitcoins price hit $13,600 before retrenching while some investors pulled crypto out of DeFi.

CoinDesk: Friday October 30, 2020

Desperation Among Filecoin Miners Creating a Big Market for FIL Borrowing

The filecoin network is facing liquidity problems, forcing some miners to borrow the native token at outrageous rates.

Crowdfund Insider: Friday October 30, 2020

Lastbit Joins Visas Fintech Fast Track program

Click HERE to find out Lastbit Joins Visas Fintech Fast Track program. | Crowdfund Insider: Global Fintech News, including Crowdfunding, Blockchain and more.

Crowdfund Insider: Friday October 30, 2020 Latest Research Reveals DeFi Is Now Being Taken Seriously By Traditional Finance

Click HERE to find out Latest Research Reveals DeFi Is Now Being Taken Seriously By Traditional Finance. | Crowdfund Insider: Global Fintech News, including Crowdfunding, Blockchain and more.

CoinDesk: Friday October 30, 2020

Bitcoin Developers Still Divided on Specifics of Taproot Activation

The code for Taproot is ready to go, but Bitcoin developers are still discussing how to deploy the update across the distributed network.

Ongoing ICOs


Ends Thursday December 31, 2020

We are building a global marketplace fintech based blockchain network with user friendly mobile interface and exchange, for citizens and governments to collaborate on implementing public projects and bridging public budget gaps, and accordingly ensure faster delivery of better public services quality and more jobs creating opportunities. 

We launched two essential parts of the platform in beta, being the crypto monitor and crypto exchange in partnership with well established global platforms, and we launched our bDollar utility token (bDLR) for business model early adopters status acquisition. We are backed by the first in the world public benefit corporation to be established to foster public private partnership and transform this activity into economic backed transactional "stable coin" at the time of blockchain platform launch.


Ends Sunday December 06, 2020

The project Illuminates is developing a first social ecosystem that is making all blockchains advantages available. It will advance interaction between investors, freelancers, and startups. The best solutions and instruments will be gathered within one platform to help professional development and implementation of the most revolutionary ideas. 

The key elements of the system will be personal data and files hashing, smart contracts with oracles, load balancing and minimization of commissions due to the best configuration of decentralized and centralized parts of the ecosystem.


Ends Thursday October 14, 2038

An experimental proof of transaction coin aiming to build a fast circulation cryptocurrency without inflation.

Fast Access Blockchain

Ends Wednesday March 25, 3018

A high performance blockchain for enterprise applications.


Ends Friday December 04, 2020

OZOTOP is the decentralized experts' community and self-regulating society model with robonomic ecosystem. It will be based on Telegram Open Network Blockchain and supported with smart-contracts, bots, algorithms. 

The start of the project is Waves BlockchainZOTOP project connected 2 first fundraising stages (Pre-Sale and IEO) in one. It is listing of 1% of total supply OZO tokens at the Waves DEX with 10X lower price than STO stage tokens price. These conditions are developed with Waves Smart Assets Scripts


Ends Sunday November 01, 2020

ZUUM is a decentralized, blockchain-enabled on-demand services platform that allows consumers and service providers to interact directly without intermediary parties and ensures fair price per service deal based on a smart contract.

One-stop platform for a variety of on-demand services including ridesharing, taxi, road-side assistance, auto services, cleaning, household,  medical, ambulance, etc.

Post-ICO, ZUUM users will need to have ZUUM coins (Utility token) to conduct business transactions within the ZUUM ecosystem.