179 Ongoing ICOs

Name Description Start End
Krow Network
KROW A labor platform and job connection application. 23Jan2018 23Feb2018
LiveTree Seed
SED A film and TV rights funding and distribution platform. 31Jan2018 23Feb2018
Dimensions Network
STC A crypto trading platform. 24Jan2018 24Feb2018
Winding Tree
LIF A decentralized platform for travel distribution. 01Feb2018 24Feb2018
BLUN A web-design system based on AI 25Jan2018 25Feb2018
Token Report
EDGE A token report providing crypto financial data to newcomers, financial institutions and individuals with established crypto portfolios. Exact dates TBD. 25Jan2018 25Feb2018
LION A cryptocurrency exchange & portfolio management platform that rewards users for sharing information related to the management of digital assets. 18Dec2017 25Feb2018
CVS A tokenized advertising space, inspired by the Million Dollar Homepage. 11Jan2018 25Feb2018
Coin Lion
LION A cryptocurrency trading platform and portfolio management toolset. 18Dec2017 25Feb2018
EXY A peer to peer decentralized voice/video platform for paid consultation. 25Jan2018 25Feb2018
Geneviève VC
GXVC A venture capital fund investing in small businesses through cryptocurrency. 20Jan2018 25Feb2018
CEEK A VR platform for streamed live events and productions. 19Feb2018 25Feb2018
New Era Energy
NERA A blockchain-based platform for measuring the green energy footprint for individuals and organizations. 15Jan2018 26Feb2018
VXD A global decentralized identity verification & sharing platform. Exact sales dates TBA. 10Feb2018 26Feb2018
Sphere Social
SAT A decentralized social media network. 12Feb2018 26Feb2018
MLS CPROP will become an integrated platform that enables property investors to research, transact with cryptocurrency, and reliably secure and record ownership of their domestic and international property investments remotely. 01Feb2018 27Feb2018
BNK Digital bank offering deposit and payment solutions, loan services and investment products for both blockchain and fiat based assets. 27Nov2017 28Feb2018
CTD An exchange and trading platform. 20Nov2017 28Feb2018
Crowdstart Capital
XSC Crowdstart Capital is a Blockchain technology accelerator specializing in catering to the needs of incumbent industries. 01Dec2017 28Feb2018
DADI A global, decentralized cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. 22Jan2018 28Feb2018
EGL An eSports betting cryptocurrency (ERC-20 token) to be used through smart contracts on a decentralized betting platform. Exact sales dates TBA. 18Dec2017 28Feb2018
LCD An AR ecosystem that allows anyone to develop, share or experience content on Lucyd’s smartglasses. 01Nov2017 28Feb2018
BERRY A decentralized home rental platform. 27Jan2018 28Feb2018
CGCOIN A token-based lending platform. 08Jan2018 28Feb2018
CTG A service for buying or renting European real estate. 27Nov2017 28Feb2018
Global Mining Token
GMT An Ethereum-based token representing the right to purchase and trade cryptocurrency mining capacity, at a discount on the Global Mining Platform website provided by OR Realbit. 01Dec2017 28Feb2018
Gron Digital
GRO A gambling platform verified by smart contracts. 05Dec2017 28Feb2018
Bee Token
BEE A home sharing and rental marketplace offering 0% commission fees. 31Jan2018 28Feb2018
TNS A peer-to-peer media transcoding, editing, and distribution platform. 07Jan2018 28Feb2018
Stockchain Global
STC A blockchain-based platform for global financial instrument trading markets. 19Jan2018 28Feb2018
BBC A B2B cryptocurrency for marketing, sales, and trade. 01Feb2018 28Feb2018
TokenStars TEAM
TEAM A celebrity management platform providing advanced tools and incentives for deeper interaction between stars, fans and advertisers. 20Dec2017 28Feb2018
Chain ID
CID A personal credential and record keeping application. 01Feb2018 28Feb2018
Guide Coin
GDC A cryptocurrency for the tourism industry. 01Feb2018 28Feb2018
P2P Solutions Foundation
P2PS A P2P platform for exchanging confidential information. 15Dec2017 28Feb2018
Invisible Internet
NVIS A distributed VPN network. 22Feb2018 28Feb2018
APLC A social network of online cinemas. 01Feb2018 28Feb2018
Cryptomover C10
C10 Cryptomover allows customers to diversify their crypto portfolio. 01Dec2017 01Mar2018
Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services Inc.
BAR A blockchain infrastructure services venture. 01Jan2018 01Mar2018
STT A scientific research center engaged in technology development for synthesis of precious metals and valuable isotopes. 01Feb2018 01Mar2018
Kicking off movie
OKF A movie investment project based on tokens. 02Oct2017 02Mar2018
NUG A platform that provides a single biometric tool for payment, login and identity verification without sharing or storing personal data. Exact sales dates TBA. 29Nov2017 02Mar2018
RXL A smart contract platform for dispute resolution of real estate and automotive security deposits. 04Dec2017 02Mar2018
Global ICO Fund
GLIF A cryptocurrency investment fund. 01Feb2018 02Mar2018
SCASH A tokenized platform for car title loans. 05Feb2018 03Mar2018
Tru Reputation Network
TRU A decentralized Proof of Reputation platform built on Ethereum and IPFS, leveraging a unique patent-pending feedback algorithm. 04Jan2018 05Mar2018
PMNT A blockchain platform implementing the Hive protocol. 02Feb2018 05Mar2018
BUY A cryptocurrency payment processing application. 16Feb2018 06Mar2018
Nimbus Token
NIM A platform for selling and bartering goods and services via cryptocurrency and the blockchain. 27Dec2017 07Mar2018
RFR A marketing platform for the gaming industry that rewards players for promoting games. 08Feb2018 08Mar2018
PTM An incentive-driven social network for music. 09Feb2018 08Mar2018
CareX Blockchain Platform
CARE A blockchain platform linking security and transparency with healthcare. CareX is built on the Ethereum network, and has a healthcare analytics dashboard in the wallet which can help in ways from finding the cheapest price for an operation to tracking insurance payments for providers. 11Dec2017 08Mar2018
FTC A supply chain management system for pharmaceutical products. 08Feb2018 08Mar2018
Simdaq Crowdsale
SMQ A platform for cryptotrading democratization and development. 25Jan2018 08Mar2018
SRNT A blockchain-based escrow service for traditional financial and cryptocurrency markets. 25Jan2018 08Mar2018
KWH A token backed by renewable energy. 08Feb2018 08Mar2018
Decentralized News Network
DNN A decentralized news network built on Ethereum that incentivizes content creators. 02Feb2018 09Mar2018
SVD A cryptocurrency investment program to help develop and AI related to cryptocurrencies.
12Jan2018 09Mar2018
Q1S A project developing quantum resistant encryption technologies. 02Feb2018 09Mar2018
Friend Network
FNT A blockchain-based operating system and environment. 19Feb2018 09Mar2018
VLD An integrated digital identity and personal data management solution connected to a decentralized, personal data marketplace. Exact sales dates TBA. 27Jan2018 10Mar2018
TEN A global token platform for crowdfunding, loyalty points and rewards programs. 08Jan2018 12Mar2018
CCOS An Ethereum-based crowdfunding platform. 15Jan2018 12Mar2018
OBZ A smart process bot for process automation in startups & SMEs. 14Dec2017 13Mar2018
VIOLA A dating application based on AI. 14Feb2018 14Mar2018
Restart Energy Democracy
MWAT A blockchain-based energy trading ecosystem. 14Feb2018 14Mar2018
HKY A blockchain-based dating application. 14Jan2018 14Mar2018
CRYO Cryopreservation technologies. 15Jan2018 15Mar2018
REPU A reputation management system. 29Jan2018 15Mar2018
Reporter Community
NEWS A marketplace for verified media content with blockchain based content tracking and license fee settlement. 31Jan2018 15Mar2018
BAX BABB leverages blockchain, AI, and biometrics technologies to offer anyone in the world access to a UK bank account for peer-to-peer financial services. 15Jan2018 15Mar2018
SET A blockchain based platform that seeks to verify and reward the production of sustainable and renewable energy. Exact sales dates TBA. 15Feb2018 15Mar2018
VITO A cryptocurrency wallet application and payment processor. 25Nov2017 15Mar2018
Celestial Coin
CEL A cryptocurrency emphasizing global adoption. 15Dec2017 15Mar2018
Crassula Capital
CRASS A cryptocurrency investment fund. 23Jan2018 15Mar2018
XDCE Crowd Sale
XDCE An enterprise grade hybrid blockchain technology company focused on international trade and finance. 05Feb2018 15Mar2018
COIN A stock market for cryptocurrencies, allowing anyone to virtually invest in individual or a curated index of cryptonized assets through one coin. Exact sales dates TBA. 16Feb2018 16Mar2018
ETA A real estate platform offering purchases and rentals. 10Feb2018 16Mar2018
BBX A crowdfunding and investment dApp based on smart contracts. 20Jan2018 17Mar2018
XCD A cryptocurrency exchange for both beginner and professional traders. 17Feb2018 17Mar2018
TECT A real estate investment project. 18Feb2018 18Mar2018
House Coupon Token
HCT A real estate investment token. 28Jan2018 18Mar2018
Staps Platform
STB A blockchain-based platform for converting steps into cryptocurrency. 18Feb2018 18Mar2018
On-Demand Education Marketplace
ODEM ODEM is an education marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform empowers students and top educators to collaborate on the creation of curriculum for presentation in live classroom settings. Payments will be secured through ODEM’s native token. 17Feb2018 19Mar2018
Bizavest Analytics Platform
BIZC An analytics and business intelligence system for SMEs. 19Feb2018 19Mar2018
HMT A trading platform for indie electronic devices. 19Feb2018 19Mar2018
Deedcoin ICO
DEED A blockchain-based system to tokenize real estate and reduce property commissions. 19Feb2018 19Mar2018
ABT A currency transfer and exchange service. 20Feb2018 20Mar2018
BTQ An e-commerce and supply chain platform focusing on fast-moving consumer goods. 20Feb2018 20Mar2018
TAY A smart cryptocurrency trading assistant. 19Feb2018 20Mar2018
HTKN A tokenized digital marketing application focused on Asian markets. 04Feb2018 20Mar2018
ABT A currency transfer and exchange service. 20Feb2018 20Mar2018
SimplyVital Health
HLTH A decentralized solution for Healthcare that will allow the sharing, buying and selling of healthcare. Exact sale dates TBA. 22Feb2018 22Mar2018
PCO An investment platform with a integrated cryptocurrency card and exchange. 22Feb2018 22Mar2018
NCT A marketplace for anti-malware software and cyber security protection. 20Feb2018 22Mar2018
SHPNG A token for shopper marketing and rewards. 22Feb2018 23Mar2018
ML An online education platform. 10Feb2018 24Mar2018
BRF A British investment firm building an F1 racing complex in Tunisia. 25Jan2018 25Mar2018
Crypto N Kafe
CNK An African coffee trading marketplace. 18Jan2018 25Mar2018
XNT A cryptocurrency exchange with an integrated messenger chat bot. 14Feb2018 25Mar2018
DPD A blockchain-based music streaming service. 01Feb2018 25Mar2018
LHC A token generating dividends from the Larson & Holz cryptocurrency brokerage service. 30Jan2018 28Mar2018
Rate Date
RDT A dating site with an auction based streaming video date feature. 15Feb2018 28Mar2018
ADM An anonymous messaging application. 30Jan2018 30Mar2018
CTK An enterprise cyber security and storage application. 08Feb2018 30Mar2018
RNT A blockchain platform for investing in construction. 01Dec2017 31Mar2018
NA A marketplace for transportation services including parking, rentals, and electric car charging. 01Feb2018 31Mar2018
THRT A decentralized ad marketplace. 15Jan2018 31Mar2018
LAN An Ethereum-based freelancing platform. 30Nov2017 31Mar2018
BEEF An existing cattle farm supplying a group of restaurants. 01Jan2018 31Mar2018
TMC Exact sales dates TBA. 03Jan2018 31Mar2018
CLR A blockchain-based advertising platform. 18Nov2017 31Mar2018
ESB An application for bidding on ENS addresses. 10Jan2018 31Mar2018
MaxBull Coin
MBULL A cryptocurrency investment and trading platform. 01Jan2018 31Mar2018
CCOIN A token-based affiliate network for content creators and brands. 14Feb2018 31Mar2018
CNX A private network of satellites that stores digital currency wallets and performs financial transactions off-planet. 26Jan2018 31Mar2018
TON A cryptocurrency and blockchain aspiring to achieve mainstream adoption. Exact sales dates TBA. 01Jan2018 31Mar2018
Smarter Than Crypto
STC A tokenized cryptocurrency index fund. 22Feb2018 31Mar2018
Frasindo Fras Coin
FRAS A blockchain start-up incubator. 01Feb2018 01Apr2018
MCPT A payment system with embedded function of traditional currencies and crypto-currencies conversion. 15Nov2017 01Apr2018
ELL A decentralized version control system for building open source software and services. 01Feb2018 01Apr2018
STAMP A platform for issuing tokenized equity. 01Dec2017 04Apr2018
DISCIPLINA Project by TeachMePlease
DSCP A blockchain platform for projects in the educational and recruiting spheres. 11Nov2017 04Apr2018
BuzzShow Token Sale
GLDY A reward-based social media video network. 12Feb2018 04Apr2018
CC A decentralized search engine for tourism. 05Feb2018 10Apr2018
Aktie Social
AKT A social media monetization platform. 01Feb2018 11Apr2018
NODE A developer of consumer electronics that utilizes wireless energy transmission technology. 15Feb2018 15Apr2018
NODE A developer of consumer electronics that utilizes wireless energy transmission technology. 15Feb2018 15Apr2018
CRE A token-based affiliate network for content creators and brands. 15Jan2018 15Apr2018
CCOIN A token-based platform to invest and get investors similar to a stock market.
15Feb2018 15Apr2018
Attention Network
ATTN An auction-based online marketing and advertising application. 15Feb2018 15Apr2018
Peer Mountain
PMT An identity, compliance, and commerce platform emphasizing enterprise use and integrating multiple blockchains. 15Feb2018 15Apr2018
VIN A vehicle record registry. 01Feb2018 15Apr2018
MNTS An ICO escrow service modeled after the DAICO concept. 19Dec2017 15Apr2018
NODE A developer of consumer electronics that utilizes wireless energy transmission technology. 15Feb2018 15Apr2018
COI A business-focused platform for custom ERC20 tokens. 19Jan2018 19Apr2018
LCX A digital asset exchange and creation platform. 12Feb2018 19Apr2018
PON A decentralized matchmaking application. 14Feb2018 20Apr2018
ABEE Rideshare
ABT A ridesharing platform with lower fees. Exact sales dates TBA. 21Feb2018 21Apr2018
OCN A P2P sharing economy ecosystem. 09Jan2018 22Apr2018
RC A universal blockchain receipt standard. 22Feb2018 22Apr2018
The Memessenger
MET A picture (meme) and audio only mobile messenger app. 25Jul2017 25Apr2018
FNDR A regulated smart token issuance and governance platform. 01Nov2017 30Apr2018
Altair VR
ALT A marketplace for user generated VR content. 15Jan2018 30Apr2018
ETKN A financial ecosystem for mining and cryptoassets. 01Feb2018 30Apr2018
EHB A funding platform for affordable and sustainable housing developments. 09Feb2018 30Apr2018
Tawarruq Token
TWQ A P2P financing and lending platform. 19Feb2018 30Apr2018
LANC A freelancing platform offering 0% commissions. 10Feb2018 30Apr2018
BALT A blockchain fund and incubator that will invest in promising CEE & CIS startups. 19Feb2018 05May2018
Ishook ICO
SHK A content sharing and monetization ecosystem. 08Jan2018 08May2018
Payfrit RMS
PYT A tokenized restaurant/hospitality app that helps provide customers better service and increases revenue. 15Jan2018 15May2018
RLTY A real estate listing platform based on Ethereum smart contracts. 15Feb2018 15May2018
BEAT A token that incentivizes exercise through rewards. 20Feb2018 16May2018
London Football Ec
LFE A new platform to offer unique fan experiences to token buyers
15Jan2018 20May2018
CAN A tokenized healthcare application. Exact sales dates TBA. 21Feb2018 21May2018
Blockchain MD
XMD A blockchain-based telemedicine service. 24Jan2018 31May2018
PGC A financial platform focusing on money remittance, cryptocurrency exchange, and payments. 25Dec2017 31May2018
ALX Token
ALX A platform for users to control and monetize personal information. 25Oct2017 01Jun2018
IMT A cryptocurrency-backed lending platform 07Feb2018 06Jun2018
Augmate Connect
MTE A distributed platform for wearable IOT device management. 12Dec2017 11Jun2018
EOS EOS enables parallel processing of smart contracts and horizontal scalability allowing an estimated 100K transactions per second. 26Jun2017 16Jun2018
BNR Decentralized social network and trading platform built on Waves. 21Aug2017 25Jun2018
ACT ClickAuto will facilitate the transfer of information to automakers, insurers, repair shops and drivers by adding vehicle history to the blockchain. 21Aug2017 28Jun2018
NRG A decentralized platform for neural control systems. 10Feb2018 30Jun2018
DRC A gold-backed cryptocurrency. 15Jan2018 15Jul2018
IAC AutoUnitA
ATK A blockchain-based multilevel cashback service. 25Jan2018 22Jul2018
YRC A cryptocurrency wallet application. Exact sales dates TBA. 01Jan2018 01Aug2018
SAFT A regulated distributed ledger for capital markets that includes an ICO hosting platform and a stock lending platform for traditional equity markets 15Jan2018 01Aug2018
XJP A stable JPY-pegged coin, based on Ethereum’s ERC 20 standard. Exact sales date TBA. 19Sep2017 19Sep2018
KRT A multi-Blockchain multi-feature cryptocurrency DAPP platform. 04Oct2017 03Oct2018
PRIVE Decentralized private credit platform on Ethereum blockchain. Exact sales dates TBA. 22Feb2018 05Oct2018
BIG Foundation
BIG A concept of unconditional basic income implemented using blockchain technology. 12Oct2017 01Nov2018
DXBT A digital bank, with brokerage, exchange, and instant payments. 04Dec2017 03Nov2018
BURC A project for cryptocurrency ASIC and GPU mining. 21Dec2017 21Dec2018
ADP An affiliate marketing platform. 13Nov2017 25Dec2018
ADST Adshares network is a decentralized marketplace for programmatic advertising. 07Jul2017 31Dec2018
LPH A decentralized social media community. 01Jan2018 01Jan2019
The Rouge Project
RGE A blockchain coupon platform on top of Ethereum. 25Oct2017 25Oct2019
CBT We are building the first technology platform to bring a combination of trust minimal trade, decentralized contract execution, on-chain derivatives and asset backed token issuance to public blockchains. Exact sales dates TBA. 01Nov2017 30Nov3017